Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech is a four year professional undergraduate engineering programme that deals with engineering and technology. The BTech course provides practical knowledge on applied engineering concepts under various specializations. BTech graduates have tremendous job opportunities in technical fields. B.Tech graduates are also employed as Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, Researchers, Managers, etc., apart from traditional engineering jobs.

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Types of BTech Courses

Below are the types of BTech courses that the students can opt for while selecting
Types of BTech
Average annual fees (INR)
BTech Full-time
INR 1,00,000 to 2,00,000
BTech Part-Time
INR 45,000
BTech Distance
INR 22,000

BTech without JEE

JEE Entrance Exams, particularly JEE Advanced, are regarded as one of India’s most difficult exams. This is why some students struggle to gain admission to IITs and NITs.
Students looking for an alternative to JEE Advanced or Mains, or a way to get into BTech without taking JEE, have a number of possibilities to apply and appear for entrance tests held by schools such as BITS, VIT Vellore, and others. Other state-level or college-specific admission tests will be used to admit students to BTech programmes.
There are colleges that accept direct admission; students can learn more about these colleges by conducting research. Without JEE Advanced, students will be unable to apply to IITs and NITs.

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    Engineering PhysicsEngineering Chemistry
    Mathematics – IMathematics – II
    Engineering Physics LabEngineering Mechanics
    Basic ElectronicsSpecialization based Subject
    Engineering GraphicsComputer Programming
    EG LabProgramming Lab
    Environmental StudiesEngineering Mechanics Lab

    B.Tech Second Year Syllabus

    The table below shows the subjects in the B.Tech second-year syllabus

    Engineering ThermodynamicsData Structures
    Control SystemsDigital Electronics
    Mathematics -IIIMathematics – IV
    Electrical DevicesMicroprocessors
    Strength of MaterialsMicroprocessors Lab
    Thermodynamics LabDigital Electronics Lab
    Control Systems LabTheory of Machines

    B.Tech Third Year Syllabus

    The B.Tech third year syllabus is detailed in the table below:

    Structural AnalysisHydraulics and Pneumatics
    Concrete StructuresElective – II
    Machine DesignAnalog Circuits
    Industrial AutomationTransportation Engineering
    Elective – IDigital Signal Processing
    Sensors and InstrumentationElective – III
    Structural Analysis LabHydraulics Lab
    Industrial Automation LabCircuit Design Lab

    B.Tech Fourth Year Syllabus

    The table below contains the subjects from B.Tech fourth year syllabus:

    Elective – IVIndustrial Management
    Elective – VOpen Elective
    Elective – VIDissertation
    VLSI TechnologyIndustrial Project
    Power ElectronicsViva Voce
    Fundamentals of Machine LearningInternship 
    Power Electronics Lab
    Electives Lab

    B.Tech Subjects

    The B.Tech subjects provide fundamental engineering concepts combined with specialized fields of study. The course aims to make graduates apply engineering concepts to developing technically sound solutions in any specialized domain and enhance productivity.

    Apart from theory-based learning, the course structure does include laboratory sessions, internships, and project-based subjects. In addition, according to the choice-based credit system, students are free to opt for elective subjects based on their interests in the domain and job aspirations. 

    B.Tech Core Subjects

    The B.Tech course provides a mix of fundamental engineering concepts and specialization-based concepts, helping students understand more common engineering problems apart from their specialized stream of study. Listed below are some of the core subjects that the students study:

    • Engineering Physics
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Basic Electronics
    • Structural Analysis
    • Machine Design
    • Programming Language
    • Digital Electronics
    • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors 
    • Communication Protocols

    B.Tech Laboratory Subjects

    Along with the core and elective subjects, there are also many laboratory subjects that the students can choose from. Laboratory subjects help the students to learn about the topics in greater depth and get hands-on experience. The B.Tech laboratory subjects are listed below:

    • Hydraulics Lab
    • Thermodynamics Lab
    • Engineering Mechanics Lab
    • Programming Lab
    • Basic Electronics Lab
    • Power Electronics Lab
    • Microcontrollers Lab
    • Special Machines Lab
    • Industrial Project

    B.Tech Elective Subjects

    An elective course is a subject from the block of electives, which must be taken within the volume established in the curriculum. Aspirants can opt for elective subjects to make their courses flexible and diverse. The B.Tech elective subjects are listed below:

    • Robotics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning 
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Material Handling
    • Internet of Things
    • Cloud Computing
    • Graphic Designing
    • Cyber Security

    Specialisation-wise B.Tech Subjects and Syllabus

    B.Tech syllabus allows students to be exposed to practical approaches of problem-solving techniques combined with theoretical studies to support the statement. In addition, the coursework offers a basic understanding of engineering concepts and basic communication subjects during the initial semesters.

    According to the specialization they’ve opted for, the course structure diverts from the third semester to the eight-semester. Detailed below are some of the popular specializations and their corresponding course structure.

    B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Subjects and Syllabus

    B.Tech Mechanical Engineering syllabus offers more depth in fundamental mechanical engineering concepts and their application in various fields. The B.Tech Mechanical Engineering syllabus is listed below:

    • Thermodynamics
    • Fluid Engineering
    • Machine Design
    • Materials Science
    • Automobile Design
    • Special Machines

    At the end of the 8th semester, students must present a project on real-world application.

    B.Tech Civil Engineering Subjects and Syllabus

    The B.Tech Civil Engineering syllabus focuses more on understanding basic civil engineering concepts and construction methods. Some subjects include structural analysis, steel analysis, surveying technology, and much more on basic construction techniques and material analysis.

    The subjects as per the B.Tech Civil Engineering syllabus are listed below:

    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Strength of Materials
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Concrete Technology
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Computer-Aided Design
    • Hydraulics Machinery
    • Solid Mechanics
    • Irrigation and Hydraulics
    • Duration of the Course is 4 Year.

    • 5 Days a week.

    • State of the art infrastructure.

    • Guaranteed Placement.

    • Assessments can be submitted online

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