Specializations and courses in software development address the process of creating software, including development tools and methodologies (such as
Agile development), programming languages (including Python, C, Java, and Scala), and software architecture and testing.

Full Stack Development Bootcamp
100% job opportunities in MAANG/Top product companies

The Full Stack Development Bootcamp is a 100% live program developed to learn job ready software skills from industry experts. Complete the course to master these skills and get a guaranteed job opportunity.

Study software development online

Software is all around us. Across the many devices that power our lives, software is what makes them work. Whether it’s your smartphone, computer, appliances, or car, each of these relies on software development. That’s why data suggests that there were 18.9 million software developers in the world in 2019, and why this number is expected to reach 45 million by 2030.
Here, you’ll find an array of different courses, focusing on many different areas related to software development. Whether you’re a total newcomer to the industry or hoping to build on your existing skills, you can choose from a variety of learning opportunities.
Each of our courses is entirely online, giving you the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever you want. Whether it’s with our free online courses or our ExpertTrack learning subscriptions, you can start building your knowledge today.

Gain software development certifications

For those looking to gain recognition in your software development studies, you’ll find that our courses offer the chance to earn digital certificates upon completion. We also have many ExpertTracks that provide a detailed exploration of software development.
Whether you’re totally new to the subject or want to improve your existing skills and CV, you have plenty of options to impress potential employers. You can also share your digital certificates in software development with your professional network.

Build your career in software development

If you’re hoping to get a job as a software developer, our courses can be a great way to work on some of the essential skills you’ll need. Whether you want to focus on learning programming languages, understanding the role of cyber security in the software development lifecycle, or getting to grips with development fundamentals, you can find a course to suit your needs.

A career in software development could mean a lot of job security. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.
What’s more, software development is an often fast-paced and exciting area to work in, and one that will provide opportunities across many different sectors. It’s also a thriving industry, currently worth around $34.4 billion in the UK when measured by revenue.
Learn the principles of software development

Our courses cover a wide range of software development subjects, giving you the chance to explore the core principles and specialist areas. Start by exploring and understanding why developers use Agile vs Waterfall processes, or learn about key coding languages such as Python, Java, C#, R, and PHP.

Whether you’re interested in programming languages, cyber security, project management, or other areas of development, you’ll find courses that can help you work on these skills and more.
These skills will help you develop your career in the industry. Whatever stage of your career you’re at, you can find opportunities to enhance your existing knowledge.

What are some best software courses for freshers?

Great Learning offers many software developer certifications programs for fresh graduates. You can choose any of these programs that best suit your specifications.

Is it worth pursuing software engineering as a career?

Yes, it is indeed worth choosing software engineering as your career path. The job demand has significantly improved in the banking sectors as blockchain technology is on the rise and learning to code has become critical.
The need for full-stack software developers is also increasing in the IT, healthcare, e-commerce sectors, etc.

What would be the faculty and mentors for online software development courses?

The faculty would be from the respective universities depending on the program you choose, and mentors are various experienced industry professionals from top-grade companies.

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Core History Sequence3Core History Sequence3
MATH 1610 Calculus I4MATH 1620 Calculus II4
COMP 1210 Fundamentals of Computing I3Core Science Sequence14
ENGR 1110 Introduction to Engineering2COMP 2210 Fundamentals of Computing II4
ENGR 1100 Engineering Orientation0 
 15 18
MATH 2660 Topics in Linear Algebra3Core Literature3
Core Science Sequence14Core Social Science Elective3
ELEC 2200 Digital Logic Circuits3STAT 3010 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists3
COMP 2710 Software Construction3COMP 3240 Discrete Structures3
 COMP 3350 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming3
 13 15
COMM 1000 Public Speaking3PHIL 1020 Introduction to Ethics or 1110 Ethical and Conceptual Foundations of Science3
Math Elective13Math Elective13
Core Fine Arts3COMP 3220 Principles of Programming Languages3
COMP 3270 Introduction to Algorithms3COMP 3700 Software Modeling and Design3
COMP 3500 Introduction to Operating Systems3COMP 4320 Introduction to Computer Networks3
 15 15
COMP 4300 Computer Architecture3Free Elective3
COMP 5120 Database Systems I3COMP 4710 Senior Design Project3
COMP 5700 Secure Software Process3COMP 4730 Computer Ethics2
Technical Elective16COMP 5710 Software Quality Assurance3
 Technical Elective13
 15 14
Total Hours: 120
  • Duration of the Course is 2 Year

  • 5 Days A Week.

  • Different quizzes will be held on this course

  • 300+Industrail Partners.

  • Assessments can be submitted online

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